Friday, May 12, 2017

Let's Talk Quilting: Week 3 Block 3: The Churn Dash Block

Good Morning!  Hope all are having a great day so far!  Today the Churn Dash Block video by StyleNovice and a little history behind the block you'll be seeing and making today.  Enjoy!

Churn Dash photo and description below credit

Churn Dash

The homesteader's life and their daily activities contributed names to many quilt blocks.  Nineteenth century quilts reflect what women saw around them, and what was important in their lives, such as the churn, a common household item.

A quilt historian says that quilts had characteristics so localized that they could be classified geographically almost as easily as the Yankee twang or the Southern drawl.  But as the homesteaders traveled West, blending together on a trail and in the new territories, the patterns became intermingled and renamed.

The Churn Dash pattern, for example has 21 different variations and names, But, whatever the name, one can be certain it was meaningful to the maker, for even the simplest quilt represented a considerable investment of time and energy.  And when the cold winter winds blew snow throught the chinked cracks of the log cabin, a quilt was a welcome cover, whatever its name.

This is another wonderful easy pattern!
I hope you've enjoyed!
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