Monday, May 1, 2017

Let's Talk Quilting Week 1 Block 1-The Friendship Star

The Friendship Star what an interesting and extremely easy pattern to make.  I'll be sharing a little history of this patchwork square pattern and then on to the video itself.  I hope you enjoy and it makes you feel like quilting.

credit Homestead: National Park Service History

Friendship Quilt

The quilts the homesteaders brought with them were a comfort to these women who traded their home, family and friends in the East, for the uncertainty of traveling through vast prairies in the west. A quilt that held special value to the pioneer woman was the Friendship Quilt.

Often it was done in secret, and then given to the woman as a going away gift. It usually was a group effort with each block being sewn by a friend or relative with their name embroidered in the center.

Putting a Friendship quilt on the bed, gave a woman a sense of connection with her former way of life.  It kept alive the memory of family and friends, providing comfort and company during the difficult days of homesteading.

One woman homesteader said, "When I get lonely.  I read the names on my quilt.  "It was like putting her arms around someone and giving them a hug.

Let's enjoy this video and make a quilt square.

Hope you enjoyed today's lesson
I found her videos to be short and very informative.
I personally may not cut in the same manner as she but hey we can all learn different ways to accomplish the same beautiful works.

I also love the history of anything. Quilting has such a rich history. I guess I am one sentimental person but the homesteaders went through so much in the early pioneer days.  It is very hard if not impossible in this day and age when communication is worldwide the fact that they couldn't communicate.  Imagine moving off and knowing that you would probably never hear from or see your relatives and friends again ever!  This does put a little more meaning behind our Friendship Star pattern today doesn't it?

A little more History of Quilting.

Next week Block 2

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