Tuesday, April 14, 2015

How to Sew For Beginners

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I ran across this beautiful lady that has some fabulous sewing tutorials on YouTube.  She has wonderful tutorials and they are fun to watch.  I love her accent.  While I am busy elsewhere cleaning, gardening, and having guests, I thought you might enjoy a few tutorials.  Come on into my sewing room for these great videos...

Part 1:  Prepare Your Pattern

Pattern Pieces Onto Fabric

I really like Astar's Tutorials but will say what I personally do that may be different.  Not that any way is wrong, but just to show the difference. 
**1.)  I work with my fabric right side facing me and wrong sides together. You need to press your fabric so that your selvages (the finished edges meet). 
 **2.) I use a yard stick or sewing tape measure to measure and set my pattern pieces arrows straight of grain...I love her idea of the little tape measure and may just have to try that!

I hope you enjoy these tutorials.  You can find Astar's Place Facebook
Astar's Place Website

I'll be back soon with more videos from Astar!


  1. These will help me a lot. I can sew ,but it never hurts to learn how to get better at it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I like to hear her talk and see how different people do different things to come up with the same items sewn..you're welcome. I see so many items out there that are no sew and some would look so much better if sewn. I was hoping that maybe someone that doesn't sew would develop an interest in sewing. We can just enjoy watching!


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