Monday, January 12, 2015

"H" Has a New Apron

He had seen his mother put on her apron to cook.  He especially likes it when she cooks cupcakes or birthday cakes.  This is a fun thing to him.  He tried to put on one of her aprons to join her in this fun activity.  His mother soon decided that he just might need an apron for more to see his Christmas Apron...

This has definitely been an apron kind of year.  I dare say that they have made a big comeback.  I downsized this little apron for "H".  I think he likes it!  

This fabric is adorable.  I knew he would like it.  We had just gone to see The Penguins of Madagascar and even though these are not those.  I still thought he'd like them.

I think he likes it!

He really lucked up this Christmas because Beth gave him another apron with a chef's hat.  How cool is that.  As you can see he is one happy little cook!

The Grinch and Brobee (H) cooking lunch together in their aprons..

I'll be back soon with more children's aprons..One has an American Doll Apron...


  1. My granddaughter has a special apron we keep at Nana's too! It is so fun cooking with children - they find joy in everything!

    1. It is fun isn't it? They make us smile a lot I know that!

  2. What a great idea and he is the cutest thing ever.

    1. Thank you Kim! He wears it everyday. Guess I'll have to make him one that is not Christmas...


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