The Look The Feel of Cotton The Kitchen Curtains

 Excited to have a curtain in the window!

The last curtains were the Italian Dishcloth from Sur la Table that hung for a few years

You can see how they were made here in One Stitch Curtains

I'm now using them to dry the dishes
They've been pretty great and still useful

I love to save money, use all items, and re-purpose as I go along  
Don't you?

Look at that wreath trying to steal the show!

I took this shot at night and it was before pressing the curtains but I wanted to let you see 

The cotton pattern a little better

Burlap simple bow on the wreath

These simple curtains can be hung high or low to the window sill
I purposely had the window sills in our home built wide

The sill holds fresh tomatoes most of the time
The sun ripens them beautifully there

It is a great source of light to germinate seed as well

I thought about lining these curtains but then thought differently
I like the light airy look and feel these give
It doesn't hurt that they are lighter in weight and easy to open and close very convenient

I knew the fabric had to be cotton in material but the design was just too perfect!

Placed to the bottom of the sill for a different look

I told you they were simple but that is what we wanted

This photo was taken at night to enable the view of cotton fabric

Truthfully in my other home, I had a pot rack in the upper level of my over the sink window
I've been contemplating putting another in this home because it was very useful
(that too would hide some of the too-bright sun coming in)

Drape Back Tab Panels
They blend well with the new cotton curtains

Drapes I've had since building the home, but hey they are still functional

The panels hanging in the double kitchen window behind the table
I removed the sheers and the two heavy valances that  billowed and puddled on the floor
This adds a lighter touch for the summer 

The curtain blends well with our cabinets 
I still like the warm beauty of stained wooden cabinets

I placed  the boxwood wreath tied with a burlap ribbon for an added accent

The wreath has been a great addition to our home

It is easy to change with the seasons and holidays with
A simple touch of different colored ribbons and bows

This Aloe plant given to me by my sister sits in the window now

It loves the sunlight and is beginning to flourish there.

You can see the curtain has been moved upward to promote this growth

I do love the wide window sills

I've moved this show stopper/scene-stealer to inside the front door

The kitchen window has things to do like show-off cotton curtains and ripen flowers and tomatoes!

I hope you enjoyed the Simple Cafe Curtain Showing

  • Tips --Measure your window/windows add extra fabric for the edge and top-bottom hems Be sure to double that extra for each panel if you are making 2 panels. If you are making 1 or a valance for the top you would leave it in one piece. Wash and dry and iron your fabric before cutting to ensure a better fit because fabrics do shrink some.
  • Instructions:--My curtains only took one yard of fabric to make. You measure your windows to decide how much fabric you will need.
  • I cut my fabric in half on the centerfold.  Then hemmed the selvage sides and the crosswise cut is the top and bottom hem.
  • Be sure to wash and dry your fabric before you cut and sew your curtains to allow for shrinkage.
  • I hemmed my sides 2 Inches pressing under 1 inch then another inch before straight stitched catching in the edge for the hems. *note you don't have to hem that wide you can do it half as wide, but I like the finished look better wider.*
  • I then pressed the top edge and bottom edge 2 inches then another 2 inches each.
  • This allowed for a good hem on the bottom.
  • My curtain rod, which is narrow, slid through the large top hem freely because I left the casing/channel off so it allows for free movement.
  • The curtain falls pretty good because it isn't restricted with a close-fitting casing/channel stitch. (I chose not to add the channel for the rod because I didn't have room for the little ruffle that will be at the top of the curtain when you do that. (I needed a more fitted look to put up against the top of my window to keep the sun out). You may have the traditional panel in mind so please watch the video below it will help you.
  • The large top hem also makes it easy to open and shut curtains.
  • My finished Cafe Panel Sizes each are:  20 inches wide X 27 1/2 inches long

That is all there is to it. How I decided to make these.

Steps from choosing the fabric
Why I chose this fabric
Sewing the curtains
Showing the curtains here today

If you yourself would like to know how to make simple curtains click here for a few tutorials

Create something beautiful!

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