Fabric Chosen for Kitchen Window Curtains


I've chosen this simple yet beautiful fabric for my little kitchen window over the sink.  It is lovely indeed.  Today I'm back to sewing and making little needed things for the home.

This is softer than it appears in my photograph I neglected to iron the fabric before taking the pictures. 

I had for some reason gotten into the mindset of ordering many different patterns in only one yard increments. I think for quilting and small projects. This may be one that I should have ordered much more and I think I will. 

I've been looking at it for quite some time now as it sat folded in the fabric cabinet.

You can see the design # 
If interested you can also find @ SPOONFLOWER cotton balls is the name
It is featured in the Design Collection

Cotton says it all for me.  My favorite fabric will always be  a good quality of 100% Cotton.

Yes, as much as I think I'll venture out to many other colors, and I have very much so over the years, I seem to go back to soft colors of beige tan light browns.  They are so appealing to me.

These were a few of the fabrics that I was looking at and still one day may make gingham curtains for the kitchen.  Today I will put them on hold.

I'm glad the choice, for now, is made and the sewing machine is out and running again.  It has been far too long in the cabinet.

Each time I take a break from sewing I am still shocked as to how much I've missed it when going back to it.

I'll share the curtains soon but will tell you they will be very simple. Utility in nature because that is how they will be used.  

The hot morning summer sun shines brightly into that window, which I love but at times it is too much. 

These simple curtains will help to keep too much heat and blinding sunlight at bay.

Be sure to visit the house website today for some Cotton Talk.  

I made these simple cafe curtains like I've done so many times in the past.  If you would like an easy video tutorial to see how you can do so here.  It is the first Joanne Video.

Happy Sewing!

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