Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hair Cha Cha Changes!

Hair Styles I Like!
credit: 1st Photo top left: Little Miss Momma Beach Waves
The Rest stars in an online internet search.
If I had the features to pull this off I'd have a Pixie Cut, like the one below:

I have had the same hair style basically for my entire life.

I've been debating whether or not to cut some length off of my hair.  I have been in a hair rutt my entire life.  I was born with naturally curly hair and have spent my life straightening it.  There was a time when perms were fashionable that I actually put a perm in my naturally curly hair.  Crazy!  Sorry I don't have those pictures to show.  I do have this collection below to share:

First picture at play and now I do this hair pulled back into a ponytail.  Yes the normal routine when playing then to gardening and daily chores now.  Next See the ringlets?  Then OH MY a Farrah Faucett Wings kind of action going on with a little bit of lengths cut in!  Last back to the long nothing style which evidently has been my style of choice for years!

This picture got me several offers to model, they loved the hair.
Nope wouldn't leave home to do it.
See same style!

Here Me purple hat and my friend Nancy White hat.
Yep same style with our fake granny glasses matching purple attire..
My gosh my pants are crushed velvet 
Same hairstyle!

 Dance with Dennis
Oh my goodness look I have added some curl and pulled some up..Change?  NOT!

I go from almost shoulder length to way down my back.  A special occasion will come up and then it comes to my mind that I need a haircut.  Do you know how much gets cut?  Well, almost up to the shoulders.

I'll  think and while I am going through this drastic change (not) I'll color it too! Yes I see the same old same old..things that I have been doing over and over.  I've gone from taking blonde to dark brown, then to shades of really dark blonde with red tints..then grow it out to natural..then again same things happen over and over again.
Oh did I mention that I've only been to a hairdresser three times my entire life? Exceptions being my mama took me to neighbor who cut it when I was little and she had gone to beauty school.  Then the Gena Rowlands look above, my mother in law Jackie a cosmetologist did that hairdo.  Guess what?  I went on her honeymoon with her and the new husband a few years back.  We went to Graceland and Biltmore.  It was fun!
Now I have my very own hairdresser and she is my Catie.


Lately because of stress, hormonal changes and probably age issues my hair has been getting noticeably thinner and I need a change.
I'm so glad Catie my daughter is a hairdresser and a very good one I might add.  I asked her to help me change the color a little because my blonde has been getting a little, shall we say White!  
Off we went to pick the color.

Color Before:

We used a smoothing brush to dry but you can see the new color below:

I now think I'll cut some length off
I'll update on that later...maybe some low lights too!   
I need a cut that can easily be fixed for occasions and yet put up tied back for busy gardening times.
The very first picture in this post are styles I have chosen for my new cut.  If I'm brave enough.  Catie tells me 3 of the 4 are basically the same cut anyway.  Guess I have a cut in mind.
Time for a Change
Enough about me!

Tell me about you and your hair choices and why you make them!  I'd love to hear about them!

I'll leave you with David Bowie the older version might as well match me....


  1. I love the new hair color, for sure :) :) As for a possible style...of the four you posted at the very top of the page, I really love the one in the upper left hand corner. It's short, but has some beautiful wave to it...very cute and feminine and easy to take care of :) :) Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California ;) :) :) Heather :)

    1. Heather you are such a sweet friend. I kinda like that style too ..Love and hugs to you :)

  2. Oh Dolly, that model photo of you is STUNNING! You have gorgeous hair.

    I have thin, wavy, dishwater blonde hair, that I dye various shades of blonde all year long. I had to laugh when I saw the picture of you in the floppy hat and velvet hot pants, cuz I used to dress the same way. LOL. Now I favor short, pixie cuts that are easy to care for. I hate messing with my hair.

    1. Kim you are so sweet thank you for that compliment! I love your hair and wish I had your beautiful delicate features to carry off that pixie cut! I love your hair! I now have very thin hair and it is fine so going shorter may be my answer for the moment anyway. I love it that we dressed in the same way those were the days!

  3. You have always had very beautiful hair!! Debbie Hayes

    1. Thank you Debbie! I love your hair the color the curl and body it is beautiful!

  4. You have beautiful hair Dolly! I had Very long hair as a teenager in the 70s (yep, I could almost sit on it..), but I cut it all off in the 80s. I still have short hair.

    1. I've only had my hair that long once in my life..Thank you so very much for the wonderful compliment. I know it must be easier to keep up that way.


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