Santa's From The Past

Santas, Santas, Everywhere

These were so much fun to make
quilted stockings above fun too

Love sewing

 My short straddled santa

He did have a lot of expression in his face though
Sold right away.

two more little creations

This one is the only one out of countless made that I did not sell
you can not tell in this photo but he has a personality all his own...(I know he isn't

This picture is bad but he was a pretty santa

Lots of Santas cloth, clay, paper mache

Paper Mache Santas
sold lots of these...

Little clay creations with little Catherine "Catie" years ago.

Two satisfied customers of Miniature Clay Santas

Sweet Customers

First Clay Santa Sculpted

He became a fixture

Love Angora Goat wool makes the best curly hair and beards

This was a simple ornament that people loved
I love the angora mohair



  1. I remember all of your beautiful homemade ornaments and Santa's. I cherish all of the ones you gave me:)


  2. Thank you Teri! That means a lot to me..

  3. You are so very talented... Thank you again for stopping in and sharing with us at I hope to see you again next week!!

  4. Dolly,
    These are so pretty ! What a talent you have! I love hand made Santa's!


  5. So many fabulous Santas! You are one talented lady! Thanks so much for joining us at Christmas in July!...hugs...Debbie


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