Newest Aprons


Today I'm sharing four more aprons with you.  It has been a few years actually since I've sewn this much. I can't believe that I just said years!  It is good to try to put some normal activity back into our daily lives, isn't it?  I hope you are doing well and creating something that makes you happy.

Kellogg Kids

Green Veggies

Garden Harvest

Ducks in the Kitchen

A Little Cora Story

Grandma Cora
Keeping her memory alive

Let's see if I can remember a story about her. I rarely ever saw her without her apron on. The only exceptions being she was going shopping or to the doctors.  She then would never be caught dead in an apron! There were two types of aprons in her home one for 'everyday use' and one for "Sunday or company's coming' use. Oh, that apron would be the first thing to quickly come off should company aka guest arrive. I would say to her, "Grandma why do you put on your best apron and then rip it off before they come in?" She said, "Well honey I don't want them to see me in my apron that's not fittin, but if they happen too it has to be the best."

I can say that her aprons were used almost constantly and I still have one of them to this day. 

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