Friday, February 13, 2015

Aprons for Christmas

I know Christmas has long past but I wanted to share these smiling faces of family with their aprons.  You know they are making a comeback and for the last year that is all I've been making.  Come on in and see them close up...

First up is Harrison modeling his new Apron and Chef Hat a gift from Kyndal and Cooper
I think you can see how much he likes it!

Kyndal in her new apron that I made for her.
This along with one for her American Girl Dolls.
This apron will be called the "Kyndal".  She is so cute!
Next up showing the making of this and the doll apron too.

Beth and Lee in their new aprons...
Look at the smiles.  These two are always cooking and entertaining.

Plain Country is Beth's Apron

Lee is wearing his "John, Blue is for Guys" Apron

Chad and Lee receiving their new aprons
Chad is in his "Doug Checkerboard"

Aren't they cute?  Yes they are!  Two crazy guys!
I see how Lee is wearing his apron which gives me idea for simply
Chef Half Apron for men with long straps...yes it will be called "Lee"

Sara in her new apron
I think she likes it!  The colors and fabric are so nice.

More sewing coming soon...

Until next time!


  1. I don't think aprons ever go out of style and they make such a beautiful heirloom. I know I love mine that I got from you - all THREE of them!!!!


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