Sunday, June 22, 2014

Apron at Rest

My daughter gave this wonderful apron for Mother's Day and I sure am enjoying it.  My other daughter gave me gardening gloves a year's supply of them and I sure am using those also.
This apron is pretty no matter what is in front of it.  I'm sure you may have seen the red roses that a friend gave me in the Ball Jar.  I had placed that jar on the Hoosier cabinet to make more room on the counter while preparing a meal and just happened to get that fabulous shot.  It wasn't hard to do with those gorgeous roses and apron.
Today even though it is cloudy in here I took a picture of a few David Austin Roses that I cut off by mistake while pruning that bush.  They are beautiful in themselves also.

The Rose is a David Austin called Teasing Georgia.
One of my favorite very prolific blooming rose bushes at Hibiscus House.

A yellow 4-5" rose (petals 50+) of delicate beauty. The flowers are of a particularly pleasing cupped formation. The center petals are in the form of a rich deep yellow while the outer petals fall back and fade to pale yellow, providing a most pleasing two-tone effect on a continual blooming bush. The growth is strong but gracefully displaying the flowers nicely. A pleasant tea rose fragrance. Winner of the Henry Edland Medal in 2000 for the most fragrant variety in the RNRS Trials.  credit for information 

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty in Pink

 Pretty in Pink

This apron was a special order.  I was given two color choices because the recipient really liked lavenders and pinks.  I had chosen several fabrics with lavender colors and was having trouble choosing so I went back to the fabric cabinet and this beautiful pink just screamed at me...pick me!
So I did.  My photography doesn't do it justice at all because it is really beautiful.

Enlarging my Cora's Apron Pattern.

I laid Grandma Cora's Apron on a newspaper a few years back like she would have done.  I have used this taped together pattern since that time.

Today I need to enlarge for another apron choice.  I've been asked to make the bib wider for better coverage.  I added an inch all around.

See this is a beautiful combination.  I really like this pink.
Fabric Description:
Fabric Susan Branch 2007 RJK Fabrics "It was the usual "zoo tea"  You know, we eat, the other watch.  Princess Margaret.

 Cut out with pockets ready to be sewn on.

Mannequin is size 8  
This apron would fit Small - Xtra Xtra Large with no trouble
Small would of course be possible it would go around to the back and be tied a little tighter that is all.

The neck straps are adjustable.  The Cora's Extra Coverage Apron will have these rings or simple ties to be tied to fit.
The original Cora's Apron has a sewn neckband that fits most everyone.

 Close up view of bib bodice with bias tape trim and pretty pink rick rack

Still very simple but the most useful household apron you will ever own.

I didn't want to wrinkle any further so I didn't tie straps but look at the extended length.
This would fit anyone.  I like that when it is tied it makes a really pretty bow with flowing ends.

I'll leave you with this view looking out from the front porch.

If you need an apron please see the links on the top tabs or right sidebar for the ETSY and Handmade Artists Shops.  Feel free to contact me.

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Another Rooster Another Apron

 This apron is in the mail for delivery to it's owner as we speak.
I hope she likes it!

Ironing the finished apron

Placing the rooster his comb, wattle and tail feathers onto apron

I really like the heart shaped apron bib.  I leave the center fold crease in a garment while making because it is so much easier to match up center seams.  Afterwards it takes a very hot steam iron to get rid of it.

Yes I do apologize for the mess I made while working.  I had to have my orange juice for energy after all it was 2:30 last night.  Do you do that?  Stay up late while working on a project?  I do some of my best work when all are in bed.  I have time to think and concentrate.  Makes for much quicker work.

Still working.  Little details take the most time.  

Today I put more of my real hens together so that I can let them all out together to free range.  Now I have one less chicken pen with hens..I put the roosters in that one.  They have had free range permission for far too long my ladies need to get out to the beautiful green grass and bugs.  Casper the guard dog and their best friend is so happy he actually leaped for joy!  He likes having them all out to play with him.

It is a cute apron isn't it?  I think it is but then again I like them all.
I must have been tired look how high up I pulled the apron.  I must think the mannequin is Steve Urkel.  Oh and don't think you see dead people over in the corner.  Those are my head mannequins that Catie had in beauty college.  She was going to throw them away.  What! No way I'll find a use for them.   Yes I will let them model my hats and such. 
I think I'm slap happy.  You know how you get when you are tired.  Silly.  Everything is funny.

A little rick rack some embroidery floss and needle...french knot eyes, hand embroidered beak, legs and feet.

I just love rick rack.  It is so retro and yet timeless.

This was made from my vintage McCalls Pattern.  I am so glad that I found that pattern.  Everybody likes it.  I have yet to make the half apron but that is going to change.

This apron is a custom order and I hope she likes it.
I have to make a pattern and apron today for a client.
This in between gardening, laundry, cleaning and need to cook something.
It's going to be a very busy day.
Have a great productive day.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Fashion Orange Colors in Fashion and Fabrics

credit;  ELLE Orange is the New Black
I recently did a post on this at Savannah Attic here to see the fashion show all in one place.

credit;  ELLE Orange is the New Black

I like the color orange and peachy tones.  This just makes me want to go out and buy more items in this color!  How about you?
The next best thing is to go to the fabric store and find new fabrics in this color!

Actually I found the fabric and then did the post for Savannah Attic because the color has always been a favorite of mine.  Over the years I have had a hard time finding the orange shades of lipstick that I like.  You know my favorite of course is pink but orange is next in line for sure.

Look at the beautiful fabrics I found last night!

 Love the colors

Aren't they pretty colors?

What will I make?  

I don't know.  

Aprons have been the focus for over a year now.  People still want aprons out there believe it or not.

I do make other things of course when not having to make aprons..I'm working on some today as a matter of fact.

I'll let you know what I make from these beautiful fabrics.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hair Cha Cha Changes!

Hair Styles I Like!
credit: 1st Photo top left: Little Miss Momma Beach Waves
The Rest stars in an online internet search.
If I had the features to pull this off I'd have a Pixie Cut, like the one below:

I have had the same hair style basically for my entire life.

I've been debating whether or not to cut some length off of my hair.  I have been in a hair rutt my entire life.  I was born with naturally curly hair and have spent my life straightening it.  There was a time when perms were fashionable that I actually put a perm in my naturally curly hair.  Crazy!  Sorry I don't have those pictures to show.  I do have this collection below to share:

First picture at play and now I do this hair pulled back into a ponytail.  Yes the normal routine when playing then to gardening and daily chores now.  Next See the ringlets?  Then OH MY a Farrah Faucett Wings kind of action going on with a little bit of lengths cut in!  Last back to the long nothing style which evidently has been my style of choice for years!

This picture got me several offers to model, they loved the hair.
Nope wouldn't leave home to do it.
See same style!

Here Me purple hat and my friend Nancy White hat.
Yep same style with our fake granny glasses matching purple attire..
My gosh my pants are crushed velvet 
Same hairstyle!

 Dance with Dennis
Oh my goodness look I have added some curl and pulled some up..Change?  NOT!

I go from almost shoulder length to way down my back.  A special occasion will come up and then it comes to my mind that I need a haircut.  Do you know how much gets cut?  Well, almost up to the shoulders.

I'll  think and while I am going through this drastic change (not) I'll color it too! Yes I see the same old same old..things that I have been doing over and over.  I've gone from taking blonde to dark brown, then to shades of really dark blonde with red tints..then grow it out to natural..then again same things happen over and over again.
Oh did I mention that I've only been to a hairdresser three times my entire life? Exceptions being my mama took me to neighbor who cut it when I was little and she had gone to beauty school.  Then the Gena Rowlands look above, my mother in law Jackie a cosmetologist did that hairdo.  Guess what?  I went on her honeymoon with her and the new husband a few years back.  We went to Graceland and Biltmore.  It was fun!
Now I have my very own hairdresser and she is my Catie.


Lately because of stress, hormonal changes and probably age issues my hair has been getting noticeably thinner and I need a change.
I'm so glad Catie my daughter is a hairdresser and a very good one I might add.  I asked her to help me change the color a little because my blonde has been getting a little, shall we say White!  
Off we went to pick the color.

Color Before:

We used a smoothing brush to dry but you can see the new color below:

I now think I'll cut some length off
I'll update on that later...maybe some low lights too!   
I need a cut that can easily be fixed for occasions and yet put up tied back for busy gardening times.
The very first picture in this post are styles I have chosen for my new cut.  If I'm brave enough.  Catie tells me 3 of the 4 are basically the same cut anyway.  Guess I have a cut in mind.
Time for a Change
Enough about me!

Tell me about you and your hair choices and why you make them!  I'd love to hear about them!

I'll leave you with David Bowie the older version might as well match me....