Monday, May 5, 2014

New Site for designs by dolly

I found this wonderful image from a friends page. Little Susie Homemaker Blog Isn't it adorable?  Check out her sites. Welcome to designs by dolly.  This site will be a collection of items that I myself will be making.  Most will be "One of a Kind Items".  You may see the fabric in other items but never in the same item over once.  The exception will be only certain items that have to be made in certain fabrics simply because of what they are.  This will be noted. Aprons are the item featured now.  I will have lots more items in the near future.such as place mats, napkins, tea towels, pillow covers and numerous other items from the sewing room. I do offer a limited special order on certain items.  That means that I will offer up the selection of premium fabrics on this item for you to choose from.   I don't want to give it away but we will have clay items for sale in the near future. Welcome! 
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