Put a Lid on it

Hello I'd like to introduce you to "Lady in Red"
dolly's designs' One of a kind apron
Made with my "Grandma Cora"  Pattern

Fabric: Premium 100 percent quilters cotton
From Michael Miller, "Put a Lid on it!"
Detailed with jumbo ric rac.
Bright red in color.

photos taken in front of my rustic old camp cabin

My mannequin is a size 8 but this apron fits sizes S-Extra large

"Grandma Cora"

Pattern has been in my family for four generations
see history of apron here
I have one of the aprons that is over 50 years old.  They are tried and true to last and last.
This is a workhorse of an apron simple yet pretty and sturdy.

I am re-stocking my online shops.  You will see this apron pattern over and over again because it is a good seller but you will not see the fabric on it again.  I do not make replicas.  I like the fact that most of my items are "one of a kind."  
I will tell in description if ever any item is the same.  However my "Grandma Cora" Aprons will never be made in the same material twice.

I hope you enjoy the apron tours this and the ones coming up.
I will be making pillow covers, place mats, napkins, all sorts of household and personal items.
The embroidery machine is out and will be working hard this Spring and Summer.
In between the sewing I will once again be sculpting so lots of one of a kinds there!
Feel free to ask any questions.

Have a good weekend!


  1. That is beautiful - love the bright red print. I loved your grandma cora story a couple weeks back too.

    1. You have me smiling Kim! Thank you so much. I hope you're having a great weekend!

  2. Love the print! It is a great pattern too!

    1. Hi CeeJay! Thank you! I love all of yours you know!

  3. What a beautiful apron, it is so well made Dolly! Thanks for sharing a pic of grandma Cora! (apologies for being absent for a while, but I have time reading everyone's blog posts again)

  4. Love this apron Dolly, it is so well-made! Thanks for sharing a pic of grandma Cora.

    1. Hi Hetty! Thank you so very much! I have missed you hope you are doing well! Grandma would be so proud! Come back to see me soon, it's good to see you!


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