Saturday, November 30, 2013


My simple tag.  Do you use a tag?

What are the most important things you use in your sewing?
Sewing Notions and Tools?

Mine are:
My all time favorite sewing machine! Of course.

Love it! Sewing way into the night as you can tell it is pretty dark here.
Husqvarna Viking what would I do without you?

One of the most important things to have in the sewing room!
Nothing and I do mean nothing looks good if not pressed!
Every seam, press!
I've known people that sew and never use an iron.
I mean the garment would have the fold still in the front of it.
Why waste your time sewing and not press?
Do you love a clean, crisp, pressed item?
I sure do!

Sewing tools what would we do without them?
I love the two items pictured above!

(I apologize for the poor quality of photos on this post)
I have to cover my glass table top with old vinyl cloth to cut on.
 Cutting mats, ruler, yard stick pictured above all very useful items.

 tape measure
  the list goes on and on.
  rotary cutter

Most important thing is a great pair of scissors!
I still have my first home economics silver scissors like the ones pictures in the top left of photo above. Wow they are 47 years old now!

Another very important detail is to plan.  That's right think about your project.
Plan everything...and all will work out just fine.
Now get to sewing!

The projects in this post are from Sewing for Sara
Making Pillows Part one:  Here

Next up Bathroom Valance

Dolly on asks:
"What are the most important things you use in your sewing?"

We thought it was a good question so please tell us!

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