Catie's Skull Quilt

Catie has such a knack for seeing something she likes and then making it.  She can do this without patterns which is more than I can do. Quick too, can make an entire counted cross stitch design in one night..not me. I'm very proud of her and her talents.  God has blessed both of my girls with wonderful creative talents.
I love it when we go fabric shopping together. Isn't it fun to see what others choose?  We will go off in different directions and pick our selections and then meet up to chat and look.  Inevitably there will be one bolt that we all three will have that is the same!  The rest is usually different and when I see what they make it always amazes me. 

Catie started this quilt in our quilting class. It has a great weight to it and yet is so soft and cozy to the touch.  I really like it.

Now for the Quilt Show

Catie loves cats

and foxes

and seahorses

Hope you enjoyed the quilt tour...


  1. Very cute. My girls would love this quilt.

  2. Very pretty - even for a scull! Lol! And I love the embroidered blocks. The back and front are equally worth showing!


  3. Very creative! thanks for showing.


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