Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Do you really want to know who this is?  I find that the man is as interesting as he portrays...
Maybe it is better to just wonder who he is, but if  you decide that you really want to know watch the video.

Information: click Here to see.

Actor Johnathan Goldsmith

Article from the New Yorker

 The Most Interesting Man

To see a commercial with the most interesting man click HERE
Article click HERE

 So Now you know if you didn't already, or not...
Hope you enjoyed the post...


  1. I enjoyed this. I am glad I watched.

  2. He is amazing!! Loved the interview on Fox News - especially the reference to one of my favorites - Fernando Lamas.

    But I have to disagree with him being the most interesting man in the world - I reserve that for my husband!!!

    1. I'm laughing and agree with you my hubby is the most interesting man in the world...I did like Fernando Lamas too. I had just seen all of the memes around and wondered first of all what is a meme? Then who is this man that I see his face daily on someone's Facebook? Decided to find him because I had never even seen the commercials...then thought what the heck might as well post about it...Good to hear from you Heather!


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