Sunday, March 11, 2012

Easter Inspiration

Last Easter my daughter and I were dying eggs. 
I had a white leghorn hen that had just layed it's first egg. 
Instead of coloring this white egg I decided to dip it into coffee to make a natural egg display with a birds nest I had found. 
This egg began to form this image and without any help from me whatsoever. 
Catie said to me,  "Mama that egg is doing something strange!"
 Before our very eyes we saw Jesus on the cross. 
The face was stronger in detail and then afterwards the face faded...
We were stopped in our tracks and so stunned at this..Easter miracle.  
Thank you Lord for such miracles.

He Lives

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  1. Wow, freaky! You must have needed comfort at that time to have such a miraculous thing happen. xx

    1. Honestly, I have cold chills just thinking about it. It was just awe inspiring. He is always there to comfort us in one way or another. Thanks for stopping by. I checked out your blogs wow you do have a lot and I like them. You must be a very busy person...Dolly

  2. Very neat~what an awesome thing to have revealed~the real reason for Easter~ Thanks for linking this up~!

    1. Shannon, to this day I get goose bumps thinking of it. I dipped the egg in coffee cup and let it sit there a while, took it out to dry. My daughter kept saying to me "Mama look at this egg." I was busy and didn't look at first. She told me again and my mouth flew open! We just stood there and looked at it in amazement!


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