designs from the past....a look at crafting in the eighties


This quilt I made for my brother Steve's baby
This baby is now in her twenties
He drew this bird when he was a little boy
He called him Bircula because he said he was a cross between a bird and Dracula....
He would come after us like a bird flying Dracula....funny little boy
That was quite a few years ago for sure.

Homemade quilted wall hanging
All of these items at the time were what people wanted.
lots of quilting, bonnet making, bunnies until I thought it was an assembly line.
Pigs, doll, you name it.  Those years were very busy
My pretty little lady then, Carly with one of the pieced quilted wall hangings.
poor child grew up in the craft room.... 

 Bears sitting on one of the quilted hangings this one however was printed but sold tons of them
the colors of blue, mauve and sea foam green were the thing then...1980s and 1990s
I had fur in my mouth and nose for a week from making these bears..I was very proud of them.

 Excuse my pic, my first try at dying my hair brown yuk.
I probably was worn out from sewing-- 
but had to show this hand pieced quilted wall hanging.
it sold immediately.

More quilts and bunnies, bunnies, bunnies
 people could not get enough bunnies in those days.
I wonder where all those bunnies are now?

This one surprised me, see those cows up on top?
They were a simple pillow like doll of my creation
sold too many of them and was so shocked because frankly in my mind, what could people want those for? I am glad that they did but it was one of those surprise makes. Something that you never think anyone would want that sold, and sold and sold!
Next up was similar pig pillow sold more of those than cows.

Maybe it was because of the mauve and blue? I don't know.
Also see the rag wreath on wall left it was same colors could not keep them made.

 See how I had to buy poly-fil?
Those were the days.
Assembly line crafts...

This little hen went to the Chicken Strut Festival
Grandmother Johnson's little crocheted turtle pin cushions went too.

Rag Dolls

Rag Dolls

Many Rag Dolls 

 Catie my sweet pretty little helper

Everybody wanted dolls with jute hair
I can still feel how it made my fingers sore. The faces were easy to paint though.

They don't make them now but when Singer was Singer
This little simple straight stitch with a little extra zigzag cams could work wonders.

We're almost finished with the trip down memory lane.

Next up craft shows from the 80s and 90s!


  1. you forgot to say all the bears won a blue ribbon at the fair.

  2. Well don't want to brag all of the time...Thanks honey. You probably helped me stuff those furry things..

  3. I love this post. I was newly married during this time period and couldn't get enough blue and mauve!!! I miss the blue, but not the mauve. LOL

  4. I remember those crafting days! LOVE all those bunnies, still, to this day, I have one sitting out. Now my colors of "that country blue and mauve" is now replaced with the deeper prim colors of mustard navy and deep reds.


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