Friday, March 14, 2014

Sewing for Giveaways!

This was a labor of love.  It really was.  I have been too long away from my sewing/embroidery machine. 

Inside pocket.  I made the little pocket insert to hold a penny.  My grandmama always said, "Honey, it's bad luck and not proper to give someone a pocketbook and not at least add a penny."  Cute sentiment.

A friend of mine Heidi made a new group page that you have probably heard me talk about.  Farmgirl Chit-Chat Page.  She was having a giveaway, another friend was having a craft swap and yet another is having an apron swap.  There is always something fun going on.  I decided to give away a handmade purse/bag whatever you choose it to be bag.

It was such fun picking out the fabrics for these bags.  Yes I said these bags.  It is much easier to cut out more than one of anything at the same time to save time.  I was also participating on that same page with the craft swap, so chose to make them along with one more that I'm giving away on this blog dolly's designs March 20th.  There is still time for you to enter for that bag at this link now.

These bags can be used as purses or to carry all sorts of goodies.  You decide that's the great thing about such things.

The winner has received the red bag at the top and I'll announce that winner in the next post!

Have a great creative weekend!


  1. Love your handmade bags, Dolly!!! Have a wonderful weekend. :)

    1. Thank you Judy! I hope you have a really great weekend!

  2. I have one of these wonderful bags that I got in a craft swap. I never thought to look inside guess I will have to take my needle work out and check it.

    1. Michelle,
      Did your penny fall out? I'll send another if it did.. I didn't get to put a pocket into that bag but just put penny inside. I have your name tag also will send it in the mail sorry I am late with that too. Guess I treat you like family. I do love ya girl. I get such compliments on the beautiful rug, quartz and the soap. I have to confess I've told the family not to use the soap it is so pretty! We don't have much quartz here and that piece is showcased on the mantel. Thank you! I love your craft swaps they are like Christmas when the box arrives!


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