Monday, July 9, 2012

Lovely Fabric and Gorgeous Artwork

Do you sew?  Do you love fabric?  I sure do! 
You can imagine that a fabric store is my favorite store of all....well that and clothing, shoes, furniture, home decor....rambling on
The colors, the textures, the feel of fabric....yes and my all time favorite is guess what?

I purchased these fabrics online at Dorothy Prudie Fabric & Textiles on EBAY.
Dorothy Prudie Vintage
Ok so buying online isn't as much fun you can't actually see well, or feel but you can find some very unusual pieces.  She has Vintage and Vintage Like fabrics that are just beautiful.
Like these:

My absolute favorite piece French Country
It is a linen/cotton blend and looks like 5 fabrics in one
it runs the entire length of the fabric.
My comment is WOW.

This is a vintage style animal jamboree
Isn't it cute?

This Christmas Vintage Style is very pretty

Printed Vintage Style Grandmother's Flower Garden
I love to piece my own but this little piece will make something really cute.

I hope you enjoyed your window shopping this morning.

Oh I almost forgot check out the artwork here and on the  side bars.

Leon Roulette
Negis Art

Have a great creative week!

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  1. Dolly, Thank you so much for featuring my fabrics. I am so happy that you love them. I try to carry different items and not the run of the mill. I enjoy your blog very much. Again, thank you.

    1. Dorothy, I do love it and intend to make some marvelous items...excited and thank you!

  2. I am jealous of your stash! So pretty. Hugs from Cali.


    1. Heidi you know we both love fabric don't we? Hugs to you from SC

  3. Great fabrics. I don't sew but I love fabric. I upholster the seats of the benches I make.


    1. Holly, you talented person you cover seats that is wonderful...I try but not good at it...thanks for visiting me today.


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