Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Come Share Your Creative Side A Monthly Sewing Challenge

Heidi of White Wolf Summit Farmgirl and I are teaming up for her 
Monthly Sewing Challenge


Heidi thank you for sharing with me it is an honor to do this.

My Sewing Stash
Hancock Fabrics Will Never Be The Same!
It took them 30 minutes to roll up my receipt!
Gardening I can't wait! 
Some of my stash of material, notions and my trusty iron
Ready to go Create
What are you making?

Thanks again Heidi! 
White Wolf Summit Farmgirl 

A Monthly Roll Call
Linky Blog Party

Please share your Sewing Creations

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  1. hi. come on over thanks to the blog hop. i'm a new linky follower & would love it if you would follow me as well. have a great night. talk to ya soon. (:

  2. I popped over to follow you and hope you will come follow me as well.

    Cheri from Its So Very Cheri

    (if you are already following me--sorry for the confusion--I am having a hard time keeping track of all the new followers and trying to follow everyone who entered my Linky Follower Party Hop.)

  3. Hi Dolly we already follow each other on google. I would love it if you followed me on Linky followers. have a good night.


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