Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sweet Louise's Bonnet

My father-in-law Carey once took us by his sister Louise's Home place.  It was beautiful.  The oaks lining the property, the old home and chicken pens.  
I met his sister Louise.

She was adorable and quite a pistol as we in the south call someone with such a wonderful outgoing personality.  
Anyone could see from the first moment watching the two of them just how much she loved her baby brother.  Baby brother is in his mid 80's now and that was a few years back but she adored him.  
She showed me some of her handwork which consisted of beautiful quilts, pillows, and crocheted items.  She was working on something at the time.

Carey recently thought that I might want to copy his sister Louise's Bonnet for a pattern to make more.  He thought I would like that and I do!  He said the other day that he thinks it was his other even older sister's pattern.. We're not sure now and they have since passed away.

Isn't it the cutest!  I love that little ruffled detail.

The back which will allow it to fit any size has a casing for a little tie that can be adjusted.

I like this cute little calico fabric and it is still so vibrant in color.

I knew Catie's heads from hair design would come in handy one day!

 I really like this pattern!

I sure thank my father-in-law for sharing this wonderful bonnet pattern from his family.  It will be a fun item to make.  I hope Ms. Louise would be proud!  I can still see her smile and hear her talking...such a character.

It is a good thing to save memories, items from the past.  It shows us where we've come from, what has changed and what good things should always be remembered.



  1. What a great story and I love this bonnet. It is adorable. I hope that's the official name - Sweet Louise's Bonnet - because it's a perfect name.

    1. I think this will for sure be the name of the group of bonnets...Thank you for such a nice compliment!


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