Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cottage Roses

A dolly's designs "Grandma Cora" Apron Original
"Cottage Roses"
Premium 100 percent fabric
Stonehill Collection by Donna Wilder
One of a Kind!
Pattern that has been in the family for over four generations

This fabric is fantastic!  The colors are so vibrant and it is so soft to the touch!
This is my favorite of all the aprons on the shelf at this moment!

This apron sold today!  Thanks to buyer!  I wanted to share this little beauty anyway because it is just that beautiful.  I love the look and feel of this fabric.  Nancy when you receive this you will see what I mean.  It is so soft.


"The Lady in Red

  "Make Lemonade"  For Sale here  or here
Cupcake "Dot"  is For Sale here or here

Have a great day!


  1. I think this one was my favorite too and I can see why it sold so quickly! I really like the full aprons better than the half aprons and I love the pockets. Another winner Dolly! I'm so jealous of your talent.

    1. Oh Kim, thank you! I really like it too. I hope the new owner will also. I agree with you too. I have both types of aprons but use the full apron most. While I'm gardening though I use a half apron for my tools. I appreciate your wonderful compliments. Did you have your fish fry? We went to one not long ago and it was such fun..Love fish.
      have a good weekend!


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