Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cabinet Preview Plus Trick or Treating in Hartsville

I wanted to share a little preview of what is coming up at dolly's designs
I found this second hand cabinet on sale from a local magazine called SHE. 
You can probably guess what I am storing in this cabinet.  It is a work in progress.
It is going to be a very useful storage item for me to be sure.
I will share the items inside in a post coming soon.

Now I want to share what fun we had with the grans trick or treating in the city of Hartsville, SC
Boy, did it bring back memories for me trick or treating in our little town.
Hartsville keeps it city alive with activities. This was one that was thoroughly enjoyed by all of us.
 The stores on Main St. opened their doors with bowls of candy for the little ones and fun was had by