Thursday, August 16, 2012

Catie Cole Crocheted Necklace Giveaway

This beautiful crocheted necklace is sure to be the talk of the town
Three layers 
If you are looking for something that you won't see everywhere, this is the item to have

Catie has agreed to give this lavender creation away.

I just wanted to spotlight the necklace
but could just imagine the ways you could use this accessory. It can be used like piece of jewelry, or like a collar with work ensemble or take the place of a scarf...I think that Catie has outdone herself with this piece.


Let me know how you follow dolly's designs and make a comment if you would like to win
Good Luck!


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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Catie's Birthday Surprise for Little P & Giveaway

That girl certainly has a talent for crocheting.

He loves Mario and plays the games a lot so Catie decided to crochet the characters for him to play with. He was so excited at his birthday party when he opened his gift.

Look at that face
He had one great party and enjoyed all of his guests and gifts.



Princess Peach

Check out the hair really cute design


He is so cute look at his back.



Bowser's Back

Another group shot

Catie is so quick when crocheting she amazes me.
She is giving one of her creations away.
A beautiful   Lavender necklace...It is quite a show piece.
Three beautiful ruffle layers on a chain.

Rules:  You must be a follower of dolly's designs and
make a comment on this post that you want to enter to win.

If you are not yet a follower there are several ways on the sidebar to enter
Google Friend Connect
Linky Followers 
Networked Blogs 
(that one is very easy if you are on Facebook)
Don't forget to make a comment when you join to be entered.

Thanks a bunch and Good Luck Everybody!
Catie & dolly

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Lady Enjoys Her Aprons!


I have been blessed with so meeting so many nice people in the blogging world, women and men.  There is still so much I do not know about this world of blogging. I just write what comes to mind and it just happens luckily that people follow. One sweet beautiful lady has been following all along and I want to thank her. She has become such a dear friend, yes a friend I have yet to meet but feel as if we are next door it all the way across the country.
The apron she is in above  made me think of her, so I named it "Heidi" when I made it to sell.  Heidi"  had just started beekeeping so hence the name of this apron.
I think every bee patterned apron will have that name.
Heidi recently purchased some of my items and to show you how she is with everyone she highlighted them in a show you how creative she is....she is having an apron show off...
Everyone please visit Heidi and take pictures of you, your aprons in action as she calls it, link them to this Apron Sharing Party for all to see.  What a fun idea!
It is called

 Thank you Heidi!

I am excited another apron sold! One of Grandma Cora's Inspired Aprons.