Tuesday, December 31, 2013

dolly's designs Top Three Posts 2013

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2013 has been quite a year for me.  I lost Mama and other things made it impossible to create.  This blog has suffered the most.  I appreciate the loyal followers for hanging in here.
Look out 2014!  We are going to create and share!  All of you creative people out there come on over and share your items!  I can't wait!
dolly's designs is the smallest blog that I have but that is going to change.  Until then I thought I would share with you the top three posts from 2013.
You the followers chose them with your views. 
Here they are!

Happy New Year Everyone!
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas Plus Coloring Pages

Christ Jesus is Born

"Wisemen Seek Him"


Merry Christmas to you all!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Christmas Miracle: The Making of a Charlie Brown Christmas

I found this on You Tube and thought I would share with you all..
A Charlie Brown Christmas has been a part of my life and am sure you have enjoyed it as well.

I love the fact that you get to see the children who did the voices pictured here. It lasts a little over 15 minutes.  I am so glad he chose to put the Biblical  part into this cartoon, after all it is the true meaning of Christmas!

They met with negative responses about the music and such...the networks were disappointed.

Surprise it was an enormous success!  I will stop talking now and let you watch some surprising facts about this little cartoon! 

 slide image
Charles M. Scultz
"If you read the strip you would know me.
Everything I am"...

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Sewing for Sara

 Hello all.  This is the last post of the projects made for a friend of mine Sara.
Today we have the bed skirt another pillow and curtains that finish out her order.
We will take a tour of Sara's Home soon to show you how this looks in her decor.
Bed Skirt over to the right are the simple curtain tie backs she wanted.

Yards and yards of fabric pin tucked and sewn with love.
This has been quite a project but well worth it.  
The end results are so rewarding.

Just look at this gorgeous bed skirt!  If I could have carried it off, I would have worn it like Carol Burnett in her Gone With the Wind Skit...It was that full and flowing. I think I'll share those you tube videos of the show just for fun. Check out the side bar and enjoy!

Bathroom Window Valance
(excuse the ancient ironing board cover that still covers the board)

The lined backside of the valance.  I love the materials she chose! Excellent fabric and lining was so crisp and neat...lovely to sew on.

curtain and pillow

Simple seams but that is all it takes to hold anything together.

Simple Window Panels that Sara wanted...I can't wait to see them hanging and all in place.

Close Up of Bed Skirt and the fabric one more time.

Sara gave me the best compliment ever when she called to say, "Dolly, I believe that this is so pretty!" "I believe this is the best looking bedroom that I have ever had!"
I told her she had picked out such beautiful fabric.
 Does that make me smile?  You bet it does!

Stay tuned we will take a tour of Sara's Bedroom soon!

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Saturday, November 30, 2013


My simple tag.  Do you use a tag?

What are the most important things you use in your sewing?
Sewing Notions and Tools?

Mine are:
My all time favorite sewing machine! Of course.

Love it! Sewing way into the night as you can tell it is pretty dark here.
Husqvarna Viking what would I do without you?

One of the most important things to have in the sewing room!
Nothing and I do mean nothing looks good if not pressed!
Every seam, press!
I've known people that sew and never use an iron.
I mean the garment would have the fold still in the front of it.
Why waste your time sewing and not press?
Do you love a clean, crisp, pressed item?
I sure do!

Sewing tools what would we do without them?
I love the two items pictured above!

(I apologize for the poor quality of photos on this post)
I have to cover my glass table top with old vinyl cloth to cut on.
 Cutting mats, ruler, yard stick pictured above all very useful items.

 tape measure
  the list goes on and on.

  rotary cutter

Most important thing is a great pair of scissors!
I still have my first home economics silver scissors like the ones pictures in the top left of photo above. Wow they are 47 years old now!

Another very important detail is to plan.  That's right think about your project.
Plan everything...and all will work out just fine.
Now get to sewing!

The projects in this post are from Sewing for Sara
Making Pillows Part one:  Here

Next up Bathroom Valance

Dolly on www.GirlGab.com asks:
"What are the most important things you use in your sewing?"

We thought it was a good question so please tell us!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Making Pillows for Client/Friend

     I was asked to make a few things for a client that happens to be a friend of mine.  She has moved into a new home and needs curtains, pillows, bed skirt. 
     She found a bolt of fabric and pillows that will make wonderful items for a fraction of the cost of new.  Sara has that knack and is quite the decorator.  I have always admired her ability to take virtually nothing and turn her home into a show place.
     I just may have to showcase her home when she has finished moving in.
This is her fabric and it is quite pretty

Bolt of fabric a fun thing to have if you sew!

My notes and her small pillow form..which is a feather/down pillow
She found this for $2 a steal and it is in excellent shape.
This will be a small accent pillow

She didn't really want a piping around the edge but it just calls for piping.
So I added it for a sharp tailored edge.

Finished Front, simple yet pretty accent pillow
She likes it with the piping.
Back of Pillow Insert

Next Up
18" Pillows

Pillows found at Resale Shop
$2 each

This zips off of a nice polyfiber pillow form

This pillow has loose polyfiber stuffing

She wanted ruffles so I made this to show her.
(I wanted pleats, yes, I know it it her pillow but sometimes just have to make other to show a choice...well, don't I?)
Working on 2" pleats.

Finished pillow with pleats
She loves it!!! So I will make the other in the same way.
I was going to get better pictures but she took them home right away.
Glad she liked them.

I will have to show her home when finished.
Sewing another post related to Sewing for Sara.  Click Here to read more.
Next up lined window curtains for the bed and bath
Then bed skirt

A personal note*  I lost my Mama a little over a week ago and my heart is so broken. I know she is in a better place, I really do and that is what gets me through. I thank our Lord and Savior for his promise and I will see her again.  Thank you all for your prayers.