Monday, October 22, 2012

Gathering Natural Items for Decor

I love all things natural.  Do you? There is such beauty that surrounds us. My mama has always loved the outdoors, gardening and just in general. I think that my sisters and I have inherited this from her.
Take a walk enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.
Create something pretty from your finds...
Cotton fields surround our Hibiscus House when in full bloom it is like snow...
The Morning Glories that trail along the plants are beautiful
The never ending blooms on the Knock-Out Roses
I reall like the fall colored leaves and dried flower pods on the Oak Leaf Hydrangea ...

Create something today...

For more cotton visit Hibiscus House Cotton
Cotton my all time favorite fabric to sew on....lasts almost indefinitely and don't you love the feel?
I love this song below....


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  1. I love the idea of cotton in arrangements! I was just thinking and looking for some myself, and then you post about it! None around my parts, but would love it if it were free for the pickin' here!


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